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Marine services

Shipping Agency

Our agency formed by the collaboration of high experienced staff in their field. We have the precise backgroun···


logistics Door to Deck shipments from suppliers until delivery on board all worldwide ports , coveringAir frei···

Provision & Bond

We offers a complete range of fresh, frozen and dry provisions that are stocked in our own warehouses containi···

Spare parts

Sometimes vessels just need spare parts urgently. It is not a problem for us because we know local suppliers b···

Marine general stores

We are capable of supplying the full range of high quality marine stores in all China ports, in guidance with ···

ICCP/MGPS technical service

Our engineers have many years of technical service experience, reliable professional ethics, practical work at···

Navigation Instrument service

Navigation Instrument examination, repair service with ship class approval and spare parts supply service

Electric & Automation Service

We specialize in providing maintenance services for ship electrical automation, mainly including: host remote ···

Hydraulic Service

Crane annual inspection / Maintenance / Repair and load testHatch cover serviceHydraulic motor / Hydraulic pum···

Fire Fighting

Most our partners have class certificates of LR, BV, DNVGL, NKK,etc. So we can satisfy class requirements all ···


If you want to get approvals from Chinese VDR makers such as Headway, Beijing Highlander, etc, we can build co···

Life Saving

To ship owners, we provide inspection service of below. Our partners are approved by the most important manufa···


Ensure the safety and reliability of your equipment and compliance with statutory requirements.Whether you own···


This is the most comprehensive type of inspection and is strongly advised when purchasing a new or used vessel···


• Paint Inspection;• Tank Coating Inspection;• Insurance Inspection;• Paint Surveys;• Project Paint Management···


ISS-ZS is regularly appointed by various clients to conduct On-Hire (Off-Hire) Condition and Bunker Surveys. T···


  • ICCP/MGPS/SES/RES Spare Parts

    ICCP/MGPS/SES/RES Spare Parts

    we can provide the spare parts covered all the major ICCP makers. And kept in stock at all major cities where shipyards located in China to meet client urgent r···

  • Sacrificial anodes/Valves and Valve seats rings

    Sacrificial anodes/Valves and Valve seats rings

    Al/Zn anodes for Sea Chest/Hull/Tank/Rudder area ( welded and/or bolted type) We has its own cooperation production manufactory, which can provide with high qua···

  • Marine pumps

    Marine pumps

    Our production of the main pumps for various uses, in the electrical and mechanical trades have a high credibility and visibility. In particular our submersible···

Zhoushan International Shipping Services Co.,Ltd

   Zhoushan International Shipping Services Co.,Ltd is presently one of the leading service contractor in Zhoushan and all China ports, we supply one-station services for all kinds of ship. which specializes in offering shipping agency,worldwide logistics, supply,technical , inspect, survey. Company established a strict management system, with a first-class quality experienced staff team. So our services can provide efficient high quality cover all China coast terminal, anchorages and shipyards.   We exist not only···