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ICCP/MGPS technical service

Our engineers have many years of technical service experience, reliable professional ethics, practical work attitude, the results of the evaluation system, dedicated to the major companies on-site service, to achieve the satisfaction of end customers, and maintenance Good corporate image.
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ICCP technical service include:
1.Pre-dry-docking service:
Inspect and test the control system of panel;
Test anodes’ respective maximum loading capacity;
The anode/reference cell potentials etc;

2.Dry-docking service:
For inspecting the physical/Insulation/watertight conditions of the anodes, reference cells, Di-electric shield areas conditions;
The supervision on spare part renewal work or relative repair work. (if any)/ Old system modification and /or new system design;

3.undocking commissioning service:
which will be required if any renewal job had in dry-dock, for a ultimate commissioning to make sure the system was in good working conditions。
At present, we can provide technical services in China, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, the United Arab Emirates, India, Turkey (under continuous updating)

MGPS technical service include:
1.inspection or repair for the power unit;
2.Anodes replacement surpervision;
3.Old system modification and /or new system design.