Welcome to Zhoushan International Shipping Services Co.,Ltd
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   Zhoushan International Shipping Services Co.,Ltd is presently one of the leading service contractor in Zhoushan and all China ports, we supply one-station services for all kinds of ship. which specializes in offering shipping agency,worldwide logistics, supply,technical , inspect, survey. Company established a strict management system, with a first-class quality experienced staff team. So our services can provide efficient high quality cover all China coast terminal, anchorages and shipyards.

   We exist not only to earn money, but to resolve clients' problems,meet clients needs is our pursuit.Integrity of law-abiding, consecutive improvement and scientific management, dedicated to provide customers with rapid and reliable one-stop resolution service. In the following process of development, ISS-ZS will not forget commitment toward customers and will enhance service quality continuously. For those customers in marine industry who have persistent trust in us, we'll provide better indemnification and create more values in service.

We dedicate ourselves to serving you better with our innovation, profession and respect of the individuals.

1, We endeavor to make shipping services  better.

2, We provide employees welfare, opportunities of training and self actualization.

3, We encourage innovation internally.

4, We listen to our clients carefully, frequently and continuously.

5, We work harmoniously with each other in and outside company.