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Fire Fighting

Most our partners have class certificates of LR, BV, DNVGL, NKK,etc. So we can satisfy class requirements all the times. When we find problems, we will fix them immediatly with all resources because what we need is clients' satisfication. Our clients are always happy to see vessel sail with certificates issued by class.
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• Fixed Fire Extinguishing System: High/Low Pressure CO2, Foam, Dry Chemical Powder(DP), Water Mist/Sprinkler, Galley Wet Chemical

• Fixed Fire Detection & Alarm Systems

• Portable & Trolley Fire Extinguishers

• Refilling & Hydraulic Pressure Testing Of Cylinders& Fire Extinguishers

• Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus(SCBA) & Emergency Escape Breathing Device(EEBD)

• Medical Oxygen Resuscitator & Lifeboat Breathing Air System

• Immersion Suit, Inflatable Lifejacket, Fireman Outfit & Chemical Suit

• Foam/Breathing Air/Fresh Water Analysis (By Independent Certified Laboratory)

• Portable Gas Detectors Calibration

• Temperature & Pressure Calibrators

• UTI Portable Gauging Equipment